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Concrete Cabin - Refugi Lieptgas

ph. Sam Beasley For Satiety Paper #1


Roy-Lawrence Residence | Chevalier Morales Architects | Via

Located outside the village of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern townships, the Roy-Lawrence Residence is set in a vast estate very much impregnated with the legacy of a Swiss immigrant family that came to Canada in the 1930’s. To this date, the surroundings of the residence are still defined by bucolic landscapes, iconic Swiss chalets and other buildings of similar nature that were erected along the years, always with a consistent touch of nostalgia.

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Marni SS15


Pebble Bowl | Nendo

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Anonymous said: Do you think it's healthy/possible for people to be with one person for the rest of their lives? I struggle to see how I could only be with one person for 40-50 years and still find them exciting.

Absolutely, but I don’t think it’s meant to be easy. One of the coolest things about being with someone that long is that you get to encourage and push each other to grow. They can be your best friend, lover, business partner, supporter and of course a pain in your ass. It’s not just sex, I think it’s the experiences you’d gain as a couple that would make life that much more exciting. 

I don’t know, maybe I have a warped slightly romanticized perception…. both my maternal and paternal grandparents have been married over 50 years and my parents for 25. I imagine myself growing old with someone eventually, and if you know me you’ll know I’m spontaneous enough that there will never be a dull moment. I think if you’re struggling to come to terms with the idea you haven’t met the right person yet, when someone has goals and values in line with your own it’s a much more engaging relationship. If you’re worried about fucking the same person for that long you just need to be open about your desires, find someone who likes to experiment at the start and I can guarantee they will find ways to surprise you 40-50 years down the track.

Just don’t waste your time being with someone because it’s just convenient, find someone you have chemistry with.         

//said the single person who’s fucked enough people to realise quality is better than quantity